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Yandex Map API for WordPress. Installe Yandex Maps manually

Yandex Map API is an API service from Yandex for displaying maps for Russia, Ukrain, Bellorussia, Kazahstan and other ex URSS countries. You can find data about traffic jam, metro map and other features on the official site of the API.

I needed to set up the Yandex Map on a WordPress web site. Firstly, I made it with a plugin, like most of people who don’t like to put their hands in the code ! I tryed two plugins for Yandex Maps :  Yandex Maps API

Yandex Maps for WordPress

Well, the plugins are worked fine ! Though I had a constraint to set up the map only in Russian language. While during the plugin installation I had autimatically English as default language in my JavaScript script. And no way to change it manually !

So, I deleted all these plugins and tryed to set it manually. It worked perfectly !
See how to installe Yandex Maps API manually on your WordPress site :
1) Go to Editor or in FTP and change your header.php file. There you should add the script in <head></head> tag :
<script src= » » type= »text/javascript »> </script>
Read more about the script here :

2) Go to your page on which you would like to display the map and add a generated code for your map. You can generate the code on Maps Constuct Page :
Just enter the adresse, and the name of the map (you should be logged in Yandex Mail account).

That’s all ! Pretty simple as you can see :)
Just for the information, you can find all the popular plugin for Yandex Maps and for different type of CSM there :

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